Cinder - Marissa Meyer

I have a new book boyfriend and he hangs around in markets chatting up girls covered in engine grease. He's a dream honestly.

Okay, so I did originally try and read this a couple of years ago and I couldn't get into it? This time I picked it up and read The Whole Thing in two days and now I basically need to read the read of the series immediately. Unfortunately for me, I do not have the next book and I'm waiting for the gorgeous new editions to be released in February. It's a difficult time, but I'm sure I'll get through it somehow.

Cinder incorporates so many elements it should be a whole ass mess. Beijing in the future? Check. Androids/Cyborgs? Check. Aliens? Got those too. Fairytale retelling? You betcha. Wanna throw in a plague to make things spicy? Yeah go on then.

Honestly all of this somehow works in unison to make a near-perfect debut novel. I'm not sure I've ever read a debut novel this good which just makes me even more excited about reading her future books.

KAI AND CINDER. I've been so spoilt with couples getting together within a few chapters I was practically waiting for their wedding by the end of the book AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET CLOSE. I have to wait WHOLE BOOKS to see if they even get together?! How dare you. I love Kai though and honestly, focusing on his character development in this book was A Very Good Idea, if he gets any better he might just hit the top spot on my list of Book Boyfriends.

Just one teensy little problem that I refuse to rate this book down for because I am NOTORIOUS for this - I guessed the entire plot my page 100 and I think I know who Cress is too. My bad.