The Eye Of Ra - Ben Gartner

This was a fun read for younger readers, I've always loved Ancient Egypt and time travel and this combines the two, transporting siblings John and Sarah across time to Zach's family, who's in charge of building new pyramids. They learn the ways the Egyptians lived, and introduce Zach and friends to their own world.

I had a couple of issues with this book that did affect my enjoyment - the first half of the story felt like I was getting infodumped with a history lesson - always show, don't tell - and I did find it strange how long it took before John and Sarah started missing their parents.

I really liked the idea of The Eye Of Ra and wonder if it's possible to have future books with John and Sarah time travelling to new places, but the final chapters make this quite difficult, which is a shame. I particularly enjoyed the Ancient Egyptians discovering John and Sarah's world and left wondering what happened to them after they went back home.