The King of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner

The King Of Attolia is the third book in the Queen's Thief series, and possibly the slowest. Switching the POV to a guard then attendant named Costis, we get to see Eugenides through a different person's eyes, which didn't quite work. Costis felt more like a projection of events, not a real person. I got no sense of his wants or needs besides a long bath, no picture in my head of what he might look like.

The idea of this book is to paint the picture of Eugenides that the Attolians see, a bumbling King that would rather be anywhere else, and then flip the book on us towards the end with Gen's real plans. However, anyone that read the last two books will know for certain that Gen is plotting something, so it's a case of waiting 300 very boring pages for him to reveal his cards.

I fell in love with Gen during the last book, and it was my love for him that made me keep reading. He's an incredible character, smart, witty, very melodramatic. If you don't like his character immensely the story suddenly becomes a lot less interesting and I think that's an issue. You don't want a series hanging on the balance of one character's decisions.