Yes No Maybe So - Becky Albertalli, Aisha Saeed

Wow, this is a wonderfully complex book that deals with so many political issues without ever making me feel like I was being bogged down with information. Plus a realistic, cute romance as well! It did feel a little slow in places, I found myself wishing that it wasn't 450 pages long. I'm waiting for the Netflix movie because this would fit right in with their amazing catalog of YA movies.

I was surprised by how real the characters felt, every character was a fully realised human being with their own personalities and faults. Maya and Jamie in particular felt like people I knew personally by the end of the book. I loved that they were completely normal kids, that Jamie just wanted to get his sister's Bat Mitzvah over and all Maya wanted was her parents to get back together and was working on getting a car. I've been reading far too many books lately where the teenagers read bloody Hemingway and quote Virginia Woolf on the daily.

The book balances the inner workings of a political campaign, which I don't know too well, with social media, which I know very well. I loved Instagramm, Jamie's Grandma and her dog, Boomer. She was a great character that added a lot of fun to the story, and showed me what it takes, or doesn't take, to go viral on Social Media.

I liked that the book didn't make the fact that Maya is Muslim, and Jamie is Jewish, a side note. When we start the book Maya is fasting for Ramadan, while Jamie is dealing with his mother's plans for his sister's Bat Mitzvah. It was great that a good part of the romance was them introducing each other to their own cultures and each character fully embracing that.

One aspect I wasn't expecting was the darker side to social media, and the backlash that Jamie and Maya experience later in the book, due to Gabe's rash actions, who is trying to get as much support for the campaign in any way possible. Also just seeing what being thrust into the limelight can do to people who never asked for it.