Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder

Honestly I think this may be my favourite book, ever. There's just something about Valek where the story could be absolute garbage and I wouldn't even notice because I'm following Valek's every movement like a lost puppy. I love him so, so much and it takes a lot to be added to my book boyfriends list - I only have two others on it.

The story is much more adult that I would normally read, and I would not put it in a Young Adult category due to it's fairly violent depictions of torture and rape. I do wish Yelena and Valek's er... moments together would have been a LITTLE more descriptive to make up for it, and that's coming from an Asexual.

The biggest strength of this book is it's main character, Yelena. Smart, sarcastic, flirty and hilarious when drunk, I just loved everything about her. She actually quite reminded me of Eugenides from The Thief series, they both find themselves in dungeons and navigating castles, using their intelligence to get ahead in life.